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Anna at Fresh


Web competent or learning, but don’t want to buy expensive web design software or hire a professional web designer?

Call us (tel 01943 430776) for futher information on how you might be able to do this. Please review the literature and website examples below - using SiteBuilder - before calling.

Fresh @ Ilkley (health)

Bill Smiths (plumber)

Suffolk Yachts (club)

StarLight Dance Academy (dance)

Sitebuilder is a new breakthrough in web design provision. It makes it easy for any regular Internet user to create and develop an attractive and professional looking website at their leisure. Using your own creative talents (and checking out other sites for ideas) within a couple of hours, you can create your own unique and attractive site and no technical HTML skills are needed, just an eye for detail!

Sitebuilder is ideal for many users: small businesses, parents wishing to build a website with their kids, teenagers and not-for-profit organisations. It’s suitable for anyone who needs a web presence and like the option to be able to update regularly (new products, family photographs, special offers or new events programmes) without hassle. It’s for anyone who wants a web presence but can’t really justify employing a professional web designer. It’s also great opportunity for anyone who wants to try a spot of DIY web design - just for the fun of it!

It’s possible to get a site up and running in no time at all – get some feedback, and then be able to amend and add updates at any time - home or office, to suit you.


Sitebuilder is a tool where - step by step - you create your website in 3 easy stages.

1.First, you choose your template. There are thousands of templates and designs to choose from in lots of different categories (clubs, photography etc).

2. Next, you use the online editor to specify the content for your site (you add the words and can edit and alter these on-line as often as you like, to see exactly how it looks).

3. Finally, you can completely customise the look and feel of your website using the advanced editing tools (change font size colour, different graphics, position on the page etc).

The comprehensive help and tutorial service is available on-line 24/7. There is no need for you to go out and buy expensive HTML editing software products and then try and figure out how the complicated FTP protocols work. If you have tried this before, you will already understand many of the frustrations. If your time is at a premium, this product may be just right for you.


Is your old website dated or too expensive to update?

Some businesses HAVE dumped their old website after creating a new DIY one for themselves — one which can then be updated on an ‘as needs’ basis (for promotions or general price increases etc.) at no extra cost. The old site can remains operational until the new one is ready..

If you like Sitebuilder and have a web name registered elsewhere, but the site isn't developed, why not get it transferred to Easypublish for FREE (original registrant may charge a small transfer fee) and get started straight away.


Sitebuilder is available with all of our web-hosting packages and is ideal for both novice users and busy professionals alike. All our Sitebuilder packages include a comprehensive online help guide and full help tutorials.

UP TO 10 PAGE WEBSITE - £15 per year

UP TO 25 PAGE WEBSITE - £35 per year


All Sitebuilder packages are on Fasthosts servers so there is no web space limit. Our advice - start small and grow as you need to.



If you find you need custom graphics or logo's to be more personal to you or your business, then Kath our graphic designer can prepare them for you.

The cost of graphics/images/pictures used will depend on how they are sourced and whether you require exclusive use of them.

Easypublish has invested for the future and are working in partnership with Fasthosts to deliver one of the best comprehensive Sitebuilder software systems on the market. We hope you will like it to.

For more info on how Sitebuilder works, give us a call or please email your details and we will be in touch.


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