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Please use this page as a rough guideline to get started. Call 01943 430776 for further discussion about your specific needs. Cost
UK Domain Name (2 years)
Suggested Name(s)
(if available)
For .com or .biz domain names (2 years)
Suggested Name(s)
(if available)
Hosting for year (£5 per month)
SiteBuilder DIY Package
Bloggers Pages
Web Design Budget
Easypublish consultant:

The above is a rough guide only to help you plan the website development.

If you just wish to secure a site name to develop later or to stop others purchasing i.e. similar to your current site(s), call 01943 430776 and we will buy it for you. The cost will be from £10 for a name. You then own the domain name exclusively for 2 years (to develop or sell on).

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